I’m a 45 year old curvy woman seeking to show that plus size women have style and don’t need to compromise our integrity to look good. As I become more comfortable with this position, I’ve stopped trying to force myself to live up to the stereotypes dictated by mainstream media.

I realize there are so many other women like me who have struggled in this area, and decided to blog my journey. So welcome to my blog and remember, STYLE HAS NO AGE OR SIZE!

If you would like to contact me, please do so at grownandcurvywoman1@gmail.com

Thanks for checking me out!!


  1. February 9, 2012 / 1:16 am

    I came across your blog from your comment on Nadia’s blog. I like how you put together your outfits especially when you use bright color. I just wanted to drop a line and say good work.


  2. March 14, 2012 / 2:02 pm

    I just found your blog today via Girl With Curves’ blog and I LOVE it!!!! The way you put things together, the fact that you are “grown” 🙂 (me too), Really – great job! Thank you!

    • March 14, 2012 / 2:11 pm

      Thank you so much! Your comment completely made my day…seriously. Thank you again for stopping by!

  3. May 15, 2012 / 5:02 pm

    Hey there. I am following via my google reader. Glad to find you.

  4. Portia
    May 27, 2012 / 2:32 pm

    I love your blog I have just crossed over to the 30s and am doing something different loving me. Am taking care of myself and will not be comparing me to the media. I love your bold colours. Keeping doing you. You are modest and very classy lady. Greetings from sunny London, England.

  5. Ereka
    June 28, 2012 / 2:32 pm

    HI THERE! I just ran across your blog maybe a couple of weeks ago, AND LOVE IT!!!! I’m diggin’ your style, keep up the good work.

    • June 28, 2012 / 4:55 pm

      Thank you so much! Its people like yourself that keep me going!!!

  6. July 12, 2012 / 4:25 pm

    you actually look very good, i love the shoes…

  7. July 12, 2012 / 6:06 pm

    Love your style (both fashion and philosophical). Can’t wait to share your blog with my friends!

  8. July 12, 2012 / 6:24 pm

    I adore your blog. Way to go!

  9. July 12, 2012 / 7:07 pm

    Thank you for writing this blog. I love your bold style.

      • July 12, 2012 / 9:48 pm

        You’re more than welcome. I’ve been all different sizes and haven’t always been happy about them. It’s great to see a blog like this. Seeing other women like oneself really helps keep a good attitude about one’s size.

  10. July 12, 2012 / 7:25 pm

    I love this! I was trying to help my mom go shopping the other day and was SO frustrated that so many stores don’t make things for ‘plus sized’ ladies. They can be (and are) fashionable and beautiful too! Keep doin’ your thing! <3

    • July 12, 2012 / 7:44 pm

      I totally understand the frustration when shopping offline. Its a shame that there is so much diversity online than in off!

  11. July 13, 2012 / 12:37 am

    Just found your blog through Freshly Pressed (Congratulations!) and love your style. I’m over 60; short and round (some call it ‘fluffy’) and have a hard time finding clothes that fit and look good. Thank you for showing how it can be done!

    • July 13, 2012 / 5:13 pm

      Thank you so much! Im glad that I can show you that it can be done. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

  12. July 13, 2012 / 9:49 am

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed! What a great idea for a blog – looking forward to following.

  13. July 16, 2012 / 2:58 pm

    I’m grown but not curvy. 🙂 However, I just want to tell you i appreciate your blog because it goes against the stereotypical image of beauty that the media portrays. We each have our own beauty. AND I love fashion! AND I’m going to share this with my mom. Blessings to you!

    • July 16, 2012 / 4:21 pm

      Thank you very much! I completely agree with you when you say “we each have our own beauty”. Thats a message we should all receive!

  14. July 18, 2012 / 4:21 pm

    hello there! i love your blog and have nominated you for the sunshine award..please check my blog to receive it…:)

  15. Julie Talbert
    August 24, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    I just stumbled on your blog in a round about way via Pinterest. All I have to say is WOW!! You look amazing….in everything I’ve seen. I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog myself. I’m 50, short, size 16 and I have a bad foot from bunion surgery that greatly hampers my shoe fetish. You talk about barriers to being fashionable!! I’ve been looking on Pinterest and other blogs for “look” inspiration and clothing sources. Your blog has given me some great ideas. I do have a couple of questions. You reference GAP a lot. I tend to shy away from retailer that seem to cater to the young and thin. Are GAP sizes comparable to say ASOS Curve? I’ve ordered my first ASOS Curve dress and I’m thrilled with how it fit and feels.

    • August 27, 2012 / 1:24 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Women like yourself are the reason why I blog. As for the Gap, no they are not comparable to ASOS Curve BUT they go up to a size 18/20 (XXL) online. I would recommend you try them out. I have several XXL GAP shirts and a dress and I dont have any compliants. Hope I was helpful!

  16. Tee
    September 11, 2012 / 2:50 am

    I know that you’ve ordered from Simply Be, could you tell me if they are true to size? It’s hard ordering online, especially when you’re not familiar with International Companies and their sizing.


    • September 11, 2012 / 2:29 pm

      Hi! I find that Simply Be clothing is true to size but alittle roomy. I wouldnt size down becuase of this though. They have a US site with US sizing and dollars. From my experience, it can take 7-10 business days to receive your merchandise. Hope this was helpful!

  17. Shivangi
    October 30, 2012 / 11:16 am

    Hey Gorgeous, and let me repeat u are gorgeous!!! I came across your blog on Pinterest. I live in Dubai and struggle to get fashionable stuff in plus size. So I order online from Macy’s/JCP. I love your blog, it makes me feel there are more of me around… Keep blogging…

    • October 30, 2012 / 5:14 pm

      Thank you SO VERY much for your kind comment! Im glad you enjoy my blog and please feel free to visit anytime!

    • November 14, 2012 / 8:51 pm

      Thank you so much for the follow and your kind comment! Im glad you enjoy my blog & I will be visiting yours!

  18. November 15, 2012 / 8:38 pm

    I nominated you for a R.E.A.L.I.T.Y Award

    So, like other blogger-to-blogger awards, there is a short q&a and a pay-it-forward element (for this award, there are 8 nominees):

    1) If you could change something what would you change?

    2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

    3) What one thing really scares you?

    4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?

    5) If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

      • November 17, 2012 / 6:30 am

        I really admire your blog. I love your sense of fashion, I love your color combinations, and I love your look. You are a beautiful woman and I really enjoy watching how you totally embrace your size and shape and inspire other women to do the same!

      • November 17, 2012 / 11:21 pm

        Thank you so much for this! I so desperately want women to love themselves because it just makes life easier when you do. So many things are set up to make us feel less but Im glad my message of self acceptance is helping other women! Thank you!!!

  19. November 30, 2012 / 7:48 pm

    Really glad to see your blog, heard about it on my home girl “Curvetude” blog. I am a curvy 50+ and have been searching for a blog like this. I even thought about creating my own and thank you for your inspiration and wonderful blog!

    • December 2, 2012 / 2:32 am

      Love Jaye’s blog and Im so happy you found me through her. I started my blog for the same reasons you stated. I wanted to show “grown and curvy” women that style isnt just for young women but for women at ANY age. Im glad you enjoy the blog and hope youll come back soon!

  20. December 6, 2012 / 8:36 pm

    Hello, lovely lady who runs this blog. I have been following you for a while and I think that you run quite an interesting and inspiring blog. I nominated you for an Inspiring blog award. You do not have to participate in this but check it out if you like.

    Here’s the shortlink to my post:

    Good day to you 🙂

      • December 9, 2012 / 4:35 pm

        Well, like what I’ve said before, you are a role model to me ^_^

      • December 11, 2012 / 2:15 am

        That means so much to me that you see me as a role model. Thank you for making my day!

  21. Barry
    February 8, 2013 / 8:06 pm

    As a man it is reassuring to know there are women like you who do not allow themselves to be oppressed by the skinny chic sellout. If a woman is naturally slim, svelte or skinny, however, we characterizes it, then fine, But for women to spend their lives cringing at the altar of diets (not that there is anything wrong with diets, but you know what I mean) and trying to fit into sizes 1 and 2 is truly sad. By contrast women who have your mindset, to say nothing of your curves, and are able to confidently flash as daring and dazzling a smile as you give me hope that the skinny chic (or heroin chic as it was once called) may be a trend foisted by marketers of diet products and what have you.

    Thank you for being “out” and about it 🙂


  22. March 19, 2013 / 5:22 pm

    Stumbled on your blog via Pinterest. Love your style!

  23. Noone
    April 18, 2013 / 1:39 pm

    I always beat myself down with names. I call myself overweight, chubby and fat. All sound negative.
    What I admire about you is that you are so confident and it shows in your styling and the colours you use. No wall flower for sure.
    I love that you are bold and so many things I wish I was.
    Keep it up.

    • April 18, 2013 / 6:44 pm

      There was a time I too called myself names & put myself down. I never thought I could be happy with myself but I learned to accept myself. Its not easy, I still have days when I dont feel so great but Im able to weather those storms. Its hard work but I hope you can see past those negative things and see the beauty that is inside of you.

  24. EssBee
    April 19, 2013 / 3:17 am

    Hello! You have so inspired me to just be. I want to be cute, I want to wear cute clothes and indulge myself a bit when it comes to clothes. I’ve always had issues with what I wear – comparing myself to those who are smaller than me and never measuring up – and you have inspired me to move beyond that in my 40’s, and it’s OK to do so. Thank you – thank you and thank you again…

    • April 19, 2013 / 4:09 pm

      No thank you for this amazing comment! Im so glad I could help out! This comment has completely made my year…seriously!

  25. November 8, 2013 / 2:25 am

    You have great style – love all the color schemes and combinations!

  26. Malinda
    November 8, 2013 / 12:07 pm

    Just found you while looking for clothing love love.. You are simply amazing. Love that you share where you got everything. I struggle trying to find new places that have my size. After a while it seems like Lane Bryant, Avenue all carry the same stuff. Thank you

    • November 14, 2013 / 12:44 am

      Thank you so much! Im glad I could provide you with other options for clothing. I remember when I too only thought Lane Bryant & Avenue only carried clothes my size. Im so happy that those days are over! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  27. Jasmine
    November 30, 2013 / 5:09 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Very inspiring!!!

  28. MsJasmineCamille
    November 30, 2013 / 5:13 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I’m not a plus-size beauty like you, but I still find your style very refreshing, chic and inspiring!!!

  29. BEMDA
    February 10, 2014 / 8:38 am

    Your blog is inspirational and you have amazing style!

  30. KayPee
    February 19, 2014 / 9:18 pm

    So I found your page while searching for ensemble options to jazz up my casual Friday look (which is usually jeans and a “ladies” polo). LOVE your sense of style!!

    • February 21, 2014 / 3:51 am

      Thank you so much! Im glad you stumbled across my blog and I hope you visit again!

  31. July 8, 2014 / 8:05 pm

    I absolutely love your blog! You are so inspirational and creative! Your blog is amazing! I have recently been inspired to create my own plus-size fashion and lifestyle blog. I would love it if you could check it out! http://www.allisonmmcintyre.com
    Thank you! & stay amazing! XX

    • July 22, 2014 / 12:19 am

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Im glad I could inspire you and I will definitely take a look at your blog! 🙂

  32. Heidi Segelke Resky
    July 19, 2014 / 1:29 am

    It’s really wonderful to find a fellow “BBW” like myself over 35. I’m 45 (though I still think I’m 35) and you (as well as Stephanie Zwicky and Girl With Curves) inspire me to think outside the box. I was so happy that you blogged about wearing shorts. I’m wearing bermuda shorts publicly for the first time in 7 years at least! God, it’s such a JOY to dress appropriately to the weather and still feel appropriate. Your article left me feeling justified. Thank you for your blog.

    • July 22, 2014 / 12:13 am

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Im so happy that we can inspire you and encourage you to come out of your comfort zone. Kudos to you for wearing shorts and feeling great in them! 🙂

  33. November 14, 2014 / 8:40 pm

    I just found your blog and I am absolutely enjoying it! I have been toying with the idea of blogging for about a year now and your site is CERTAINLY causing me to lean more in that direction. I am 37 …….wow, it looks so different in print…. anyway I AM 37 and have 195 sometimes 200lbs and have often found myself in a fashion crossroads. I want my fashion to embrace all things ME but struggled to find examples of women in my age category, with my shape who enjoyed looking fabulous! Thanks for being you. Can’t wait to mix and match and start my own JOURNEY!!

  34. Priska
    November 25, 2014 / 4:13 pm

    Just found your blog – and I love it! This kind of style and self-confidence is what is failed in switzerland, where I live. So glad to find it here 🙂

  35. Renee
    December 30, 2014 / 10:45 pm

    I applaud your absolutely fantastic sense of style, your clear joy for self expression, and your excellent sense of what will work best for your body’s shape. Thank you for sharing your inspirational fashion savvy– it belongs on a magazine rack!

  36. January 22, 2015 / 12:04 am

    I really enjoy your blog! I’m a Curvy 50 Year Old Blogger and I realize there are not many blogs for both the curvy and mature woman and I’m excited to have found yours and you doing your thing!!

  37. Suze
    September 23, 2015 / 9:00 am

    Hello! I love your style and your blog is very inspirational. I stumbled across it when I was unsuccessfully trying to find two pieces that would match Eva Mendes collection in New York & Company, clare full skirt look. How do you find pieces that will match exectly the look that you want? Thanks!

  38. Stacey
    October 23, 2015 / 11:02 am

    I discovered your blog through 40+style. I am 47 and a curvy plus size. You look wonderful! I love your outfits and how you use vibrant color. It makes me so mad that stores mostly carry ugly grandma looking clothes in their plus size section. Just cause I’m fluffy doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cute and stylish! Could you share a list of online stores where you have the most luck finding stylish plus size clothes?

  39. January 9, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    J’ai découvert votre blog et je le trouve fantastique moi même je suis fan de belles chemises et j’aime voir vos photos vous portez à merveille de belles chemises et j’aime beaucoup avec le col fermé je vous trouve très élégante.
    Amitié Bernard

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