TGIF all!

After my last vacation in August, I knew I wanted to go away again before the year was out.  After stumbling on an amazing deal for five days/four nights in an all-inclusive Cancun resort for less than $750, I HAD to jump on it! While I’ve been to Mexico before (I went to Playa Del Carmen in 2007), I’ve never been to Cancun, so I was excited to finally go.

Tamera and I had such a great time! We soaked up the sun, laughed, ate wonderful food and relaxed.  The weather was great for the first half of the vacation but it rained so bad Wednesday that our snorkeling trip was cancelled (boo!).  The sun eventually came out later in the afternoon so the rest of the day was salvaged.

Here are some of the highlights of my Fall vacay!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Hump Day all!

Over the weekend I headed to Las Vegas with my buddy Tamera and her grandmother for a mini vacay. This was Tamera’s first time in Vegas and she had a blast! I played blackjack for the first time, won some money, ate great food and hung out all night (trust me I’m feeling it today! LOL). While this was my fourth time in Vegas its always a new experience with different people. Tamera and her grandmother (Granny as we call her) were the best travel companions anyone could ask for!

Here are a few pictures from my Vegas vacation!

Have a wonderful day!

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