Good morning everyone!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I would be remiss not to mention the passing of one of the greatest voices that ever lived…Ms. Whitney Houston. I was at dinner with a friend when I heard the news. While I wasn’t the biggest Whitney Houston fan, I loved several of her songs such as “Saving All My Love”, “Thinking About You” (duet with Jermaine Jackson) and “Its Not Right but Its Okay”. Despite the troubles Whitney had in her life, nothing can overshadow the fact she was immensely talented. Her music will live on and showcase the best part of her.

I named this post “Handbag Overhaul” because I need a new bag bad!!! I’ve been carrying the same tote bag for over two years. The everyday use is beginning to show. I don’t want to “retire” my bag (I’ve grown quite attached to it) ,just give it a vacation for a few months.

Below are bags that I think would be fine additions to my trusty tote. These colorful bags are large enough to carry all of my daily necessities. They are also styles that can be worn for several years.

Do you need a handbag overhaul?

Have a great day!

Colorful Bags