10 thoughts on “You Too Can Color Block!

  1. great video post – you are so comfortable on camera! i love all your pieces! you have totally inspired me for my work outfit tomorrow – hello black/white patterened blouse and a wine colour pencil skirt or an orange and polka dot combo – see i am in the zone! x

  2. Look at you!!! While I love the color block trend, it can be difficult to pull off if you’re doing it with separate pieces (as opposed to, say, a color blocked skirt or dress that does the work for you). I have seen some folks who are *trying* to color block but it just didn’t come out quite right. I think it’s important to look sharp and crisp … in other words, bust out Mama’s spray starch! *lol* Great video!

    • LOL…gurl youre a mess! Maybe its me, but I feel its really easy to do. If people just keep it simple and not overdo it, then it comes out right. If youre trying too hard, then you look alittle cray cray!

  3. Great video! You’re so confident on camera… I’m jealous of you! I get nervous and figgit and stutter anytime I try to film anything, lol. But I’m inspired by your post and I think I’m going to do a post of my own on a little art based color theory. I’ll come back and share it with you if I do.

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