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Stylish Layers

Happy Hump Day all!

As Old Man Winter continues his strangle hold on the majority of the US (we’re getting hit with our NINTH snowstorm tonight!), keeping warm is my top priority. While it’s important to me, I can’t abandon being stylish!  I think the key to staying warm but stylish is finding coordinating layers to wear.  Try wearing a  turtleneck under your favorite sleeveless or 3/4 length sleeve dress and top it off with a leather jacket.  Take a  full skirt and wear it over one of your dresses (I did that here) .  One of my favorite things to wear is a button up cardigan under a blazer with a statement necklace. Not only am I super warm (got tow layers on!), I’m still stylish!

To my East Coast people, stay warm and be careful out there!

Have a wonderful day!

IMG_7515 IMG_7518 IMG_7519

Coat: London Fog (via Macys last year)
Jacket: Old Navy
Turtleneck: Gap
Skirt: Simply Be (here)
Booties: Bandalino
Bag: Philip Lim for Target

Style Inspiration: The Werk Place

Happy Hump Day all!

Since I’m home due to yet another snow day (grrrr!), I decided to do another Style Inspiration post to stop me from binging on the Investigation Discovery channel (there’s only so many disappearances, murders and deceit one can watch!).

My look today is inspired by the uber chic Tiffany from The Werk Place.  I’ve been admiring Tiffany’s unique style ever since I saw her outfit posts on Pose.   When it comes to fashion, some people just have “it” and Tiffany is definitely one of those people.  So when I saw her gorgeous print on print outfit, I knew I had to put my spin on it.


I  haven’t mastered the art of print mixing like Tiffany but the mix of  polka dots and stripes were right up my alley.


IMG_7304 IMG_7315 IMG_7319

So check out Tiffany’s blog and show her some love!

Have a great day!

Shirt: Old Navy (bought 2yrs ago)
Vest: Forever 21+
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Shoplately
Clutch: The Perfect Clutch

Casual Friday: Style Inspiration

TGIF everybody!

My outfit inspiration today comes from the lovely Shea of Curves and Confidence.  I’ve been a fan of her sleek, polished style for a while now, so when I saw her outfit on Pinterest, I knew I had to put my spin on it.  Shea’s ensemble was right up my alley because it combined two of my favorite things, hot pink and leopard print.  The pop of  bright color compliments her outfit and makes it stand out.  I also liked that she wasnt afraid to wear a strong color to work. Often people shy away from wearing bright colors in the workplace but Shea shows if you wear it properly, you can definitely pull it off!

Check out Shea’s blog to see more of her fabulous looks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

IMG_6583 IMG_6585 IMG_6586

Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Calvin Klein
Shirt: ASOS Curve (peplum top tucked in)
Booties: Bandalino
Necklace: Old Navy (very old)

Weekend Edition: My Life on Instagram

Happy Monday all!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m still adjusting to life without my laptop. I never considered myself to be someone who is dependent on a computer but this situation has proven me wrong!  While my laptop is being repaired,  I’ve decided not to let it stop me from posting .  While I can’t post an outfit, I can share with you some of my Instagram pics!  If you are Instagram follow me at grownandcurvywoman.  Hope to see you there!

Have a great day!

Weekend Edition: Vacation Mode Pt. 2

Happy Monday all!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I spent my weekend doing housework, laundry and errands…I know SO exciting! LOL

I made sure amidst all the fun I was having that I documented some of  my outfits during my vacation.  Since I didn’t have my trusty tripod I had to rely on my BFF and my godson, Alex to take my pics. It felt good to be casual and not dolled up for work.  I spent the majority of my vacation lounging in bathing suits and shorts.

I promised myself this Summer I wasn’t going to wear  skirted bottom with my tankini.  To be honest I was really self conscious about  my thighs being uncovered  but by the second dip in the pool, all was forgotten!  I love this pic of me in my tankini while on Governor’s Beach in Grand Turk. Thanks Alex for taking such a good pic!

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Here are some more of my outfits from the week!

Have a wonderful day!

Accentuate the Positive

Happy Hump Day all!

I woke up feeling pretty crummy this morning. Lately I’ve been having some personal issues that have been overshadowing the good things in my life. It’s amazing how when one small thing goes wrong it can throw you off balance. Instead of using my outfit make me feel better I decided to focus on the great things in my life. I’m blessed to have  relatively good health, a roof over my head and a wonderful support system of family and friends. My self-esteem is the highest it’s ever been and I’m constantly growing as a person. While there are things I wish were different in my life, I can’t dwell on them. So today I’m making an effort to not focus on the negative and concentrate on the positive. Honestly it’s hard to do but I’m definitely on my way to changing my crummy mood.

How do you overcome a crummy mood?

Have a wonderful day!

IMG_5343 IMG_5344 IMG_5348

Skirt: Calvin Klein (was $89 but got it for $21 at Macys!)

Shirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Banana Republic

Bracelet: Lord & Taylor

Im a Repeat Offender!

Happy Hump Day all!

I was reading my blogger buddy Parker’s post Repeat Offender on her blog Everyday Runway and it got me thinking “I’m a repeat offender!” Currently I have my black & white striped shirt from Ann Taylor Loft in serious rotation (it was originally $44.50 and I got it for $13!) . I swear I wear it at least three times a week.  I think the reason why I’m so attached to the shirt is because I love how black & white instantly makes an outfit crisp and sleek.  I’ve been pairing the shirt with everything I can get my hands on…but its okay! I’ll happily keep offending until I find another item  to latch on to!

Are you a repeat offender? If so, what item of clothing or accessory you can’t get enough of?

Have a wonderful day!

IMG_5298 IMG_5301 IMG_5306

Tank: Ann Taylor Loft

Skirt: Eloquii

Shoes: Nine West (of course!)

Necklace: Banana Republic

Bracelet: H&M

All Mixed Up

Happy Hump Day all!

I’ve been PMSing the last couple of days so I’ve been making myself feel better by continuing to get dressed  up for work. Dressing up  is the last thing I wanna do because I feel frumpy and unattractive during this time.  If I could get away wearing a potato sack with flip-flops I would. And on top of  that I start crying over the silliest things.  I swear on Sunday night I started  tearing up watching a GEICO commercial!   PMS sucks!

I’m including Monday’s OOTD in this post because I wasnt able to post then due to problems with my Internet connection at home.

How do you cope with PMS?

Have a great day!

IMG_5259 IMG_5263

IMG_5270 IMG_5281


Monday’s Outfit:

Skirt: Talbots (last year)

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Nine West

Today’s Outfit:

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft

Pants: Eloquii (last year)

Shoes: Seychelles

Necklace: Lord & Taylor

Bracelet: H&M (old)

Weekend Edition: Boogie Nights

Happy Monday all!

After a quiet weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to head out Sunday night. It’s been awhile since we’ve gone out dancing. Back in the day, we would club hop until the wee hours of the morning and get into all kinds of mischief. Now when we hang out, we’re calling it a night at 10:30pm! While club hopping has lost it’s luster, once in a while we like to get gussied up and head out to shake our groove thangs! LOL

How was your weekend?!

Have a great day!

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IMG_4820 IMG_4824Shirt: Old Navy

Tank: ASOS Curve

Skirt: ASOS Curve

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Casual Friday/200th Post!

TGIF all!

Today is my 200th post and I want to give a huge shout out  to all my fabulous readers and followers for making this possible.   I am extremely grateful and humbled by  your continuous support of my blog.     I promise to  always be myself and continue to show  women that style has no age or size!


Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for me in the Lane Bryant Style Off competition here! (you have to like their page before you can vote. You can vote once a day until 6/14/13).



Blazer: Ashley Stewart

Skirt: Sejour (Nordstrom’s brand)

Shirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Lord & Taylor