I'm Georgette a 43 year old curvy woman living in the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection (Philadelphia) seeking to show other plus size divas that WE too have style and do not need to compromise our integrity to look good. I realize there are so many other women like me who have struggled in this area, and decided to blog my journey. So welcome to my blog and has no AGE or SIZE!

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Happy Hump Day all! Hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been pretty uneventful but I’m not complaining!

While at Target yesterday, I bought the March issue of InStyle magazine. It was their Spring edition with all the trends for the season. One of the new trends is floral dresses, shirts, etc. As I was looking at the pictures of the pretty dresses I said to myself “Do I have any floral dresses?” Us big girls know about the love/hate relationship we have with floral patterns. I remember as a teenager HATING shopping because all the plus size clothing would have these large flowers on them. Who told the designer that putting a huge carnation on my bust would be flattering?!

Inspired by InStyle, I went into my closet and pulled out my floral Old Navy dress I bought back in December. I’m a sucker for anything with fluttered sleeves. It just looks so feminine and romantic to me. I love the mix of white, green, yellow and fuchsia in the floral print. The colors are vibrant but not too crazy that I can’t wear it to work. I put on my yellow cropped cardigan also from Old Navy to finish the outfit. The yellow cardigan goes perfectly with the dress and added more color.

Will you be following the floral trend this Spring?

Dress: Old Navy

Cardigan: Old Navy

Belt: came with a blouse I bought from Macy’s

Shoes: Bandolino booties

Happy Monday all! I’m still kinda tired from celebrating my birthday this past weekend. I had an amazing time with my friends who came out to show their love. I can honestly say it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

The dress I wore for my birthday party is from Eloquii. When I first saw this dress back in December I was like “I gotta have it for New Years Eve!” but I didn’t get it because I decided to go with another outfit. About two weeks ago when I was on Eloquii’s site (something I do almost everyday!) I saw the dress was on sale WITH a coupon code!!! This time I didn’t hesitate and I snapped it up. I wasn’t a fan of pleated skirts because I was always told that they would make my lower half look bigger. So I stayed away from them until I got this dress. The pleated skirt complimented my lower half because they were small and accordion like. The the flowy material of the dress didn’t cling to me and the midi length was perfect because I didn’t have pull or tug my dress down. The sequins on the tank portion of the dress would turn different colors when the light hit them. The sequins gave the dress just the right touch of dazzle without overdoing it. I added my favorite Eloquii obi belt and my Nine West sandals to complete the look.

What style of clothing did you use to shy away from but are now embracing? Have a great evening!

Dress: Eloquii
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Eloquii
Earrings & bangles: NY & Co

Today is my 40th birthday and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been truly blessed to have family and friends that love me. Without them, I would’ve never made it through the rough times.

While society may look upon me as “getting old”, I know I’m getting better. I have a confidence and self-love I didn’t possess in my 20s and in a good part of my 30s. I’m embracing ALL of me, even the parts that I sometimes don’t like. So on my big day I implore everyone to do the same. Love the things about yourself you think are “imperfect”. Dont waste valuable time worrying about what others think, it only cripples you. Forgive yourself for past behaviors and decisions. Bask in the glow of self acceptance and love.

I will post on Monday the events and outfits of my birthday weekend. Until then, have a wonderful weekend & take care!!!

Happy Hump Day all!!! I hope your week is going well so far. It’s two days until I turn the big 4-0! I’m excited to turn 40 and can’t wait for the next phase of my life.

My outfit today is inspired my funny co-workers. Yesterday, we got into a debate about the color blocking trend. Most felt they couldn’t wear different colors together because it wasn’t Spring and/or concerns about not matching. I explained that color blocking was about combining colors that compliment each other. My co-worker Nichole went as far as to Google a color wheel to take home with her!(LOL) After several more minutes of debate, they all agreed to try it.

I kept my outfit simple to show that you can color block without feeling self-conscious. I paired my black Eloquii slacks with my white Fashion Bug shell and pink Gap ponte knit blazer. I topped the outfit off with this great necklace I recently bought from Lord & Taylor. The colored tiles reminded of the 60’s mod style. I’m really into big necklaces this year, so this fits the bill perfectly.

Are you willing to try the color blocking trend?

Blazer: Gap

Shell: Fashion Bug

Pants: Eloquii

Shoes: Franco Sarto wedges

Necklace: Lord & Taylor

Good morning everyone!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I would be remiss not to mention the passing of one of the greatest voices that ever lived…Ms. Whitney Houston. I was at dinner with a friend when I heard the news. While I wasn’t the biggest Whitney Houston fan, I loved several of her songs such as “Saving All My Love”, “Thinking About You” (duet with Jermaine Jackson) and “Its Not Right but Its Okay”. Despite the troubles Whitney had in her life, nothing can overshadow the fact she was immensely talented. Her music will live on and showcase the best part of her.

I named this post “Handbag Overhaul” because I need a new bag bad!!! I’ve been carrying the same tote bag for over two years. The everyday use is beginning to show. I don’t want to “retire” my bag (I’ve grown quite attached to it) ,just give it a vacation for a few months.

Below are bags that I think would be fine additions to my trusty tote. These colorful bags are large enough to carry all of my daily necessities. They are also styles that can be worn for several years.

Do you need a handbag overhaul?

Have a great day!

Colorful Bags